Here's a feel-good story out of Janesville.

There are stories of generosity hidden all over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin and you can find them if you continue having actual over-the-phone or through-the-screen conversations with family and friends. For example, I know someone who sent his barber $75 via Paypal just because he's appreciative of the great work the barber does and also because of the effects the COVID-19 has had on that business. This story out of Janesville is another great example. The owner of Italian House in Janesville is paying it forward to organizations that are in desperate need all thanks to a generous customer.

A customer sent a letter to Edmund Halabi, the owner of Italian House, along with a check. In the letter shared by WMTV (Madison), the customer expressed appreciation for the hard work displayed and the hiring of many young people over the years. The customer also included a check for Edmund's restaurant with the following text,

We feel fortunate to not have immediate needs for our stimulus check, so, therefore, we have decided to donate it to various businesses that may have been hit hard by the current situation.

The check was for $400, which Edmund told WMTV he's very fortunate with his business despite the pandemic and gave the money to organizations that needed it in Janesville.

I called and thanked them for the check and said to them I can’t accept this check,” he said. “I said we are doing great. We’ve been in business for 32 years, so we have been very busy. So I’m going to pass on this check to other organizations in this community so they can benefit too.

Edmund shared how he's maintaining his business while other restaurants around the country are struggling.

He contacted the local Woodman’s grocery store and asked them to put some of his products on the shelves. They agreed. That move, Halabi says, kept him in business until the economy started to turn around.

Here's a list of businesses like Halabi's that are open for business in the Rockford.

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