I have been trying to keep my cool during this whole COVID-19 pandemic. I have been reminding myself daily that the decisions made by our local and state governments are an attempt to protect us as a whole, but yesterday I saw something that got me all riled up.

I am not going to talk politics here. I am not going to start a rant about actions taken by state authorities. I am simply going to say what happened at White Pines Resort on Monday was...extremely disappointing.

Last week White Pines Resort in Mount Morris announced they would be permanently closing after 80 years of business due to COVID-19. The owner, Elizabeth George, just couldn't find a way to come back from the losses suffered during this pandemic, and now she is struggling with how to pay back debts owed to brides, cabin and theater guests. The 3-day going-out-of-business gift shop sale that began on Monday was supposed to help them recoup some of this money, but then it got shut down by Illinois Department of Natural Resources conservation police just four hours after it began.

I understand the State of Illinois has established certain rules that need to be followed and enforced, but can't they cut a business who has already lost everything a little break?!?

Sure White Pines "reopened" their business under special circumstances, but social distancing guidelines appear to have been followed, couldn't authorities just cut them some slack instead of slapping them with fine threats?

White Pines, I am sorry this happened. I am sorry the pandemic has taken away your beautiful resort, and I am sorry that the public can't come show our support in your final days. Thankfully, we can still support them virtually by donating to the GoFundMe that has been created. Please consider giving what you can today.

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