How does Illinois and Wisconsin rank as "country states"? Here at Q98.5 we love country music as you much as you do! You ever hear a song played and you say to yourself, "Hey that song describes me!" I bet you do.

People all across the United States admit they live their lives like a country song, some more so than others.

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The real estate website, Estately, came up with a ranking of what state's inhabitants are most likely to live their life like a country music song.

The ranking are based on:

  • Supports the troops
  • Works the day through
  • Miles of dirt roads
  • Hall of Fame country musicians
  • Cowboys and cowgirls
  • Religion
  • Baby done left (percentage of men and women who are divorced or separated)
  • Beer and liquor intake
  • Pickup truck owners
  • Works until the day is through
  • Supports the troops
  • Miles of dirt roads

The No. 1 overall winner is Oklahoma. Illinois ranked at #35 and Wisconsin came in at #28 (not too country). New Jersey was dead last!

Of note, is the fact that Illinois did rank at #3 for miles of dirt roads, and #43 for "baby done left".

Wisconsin ranked near the bottom, at #49, for "Supports the troops".

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