That's easy, right? It's gotta be Kris Bryant. Nope. How about Anthony Rizzo? Wrong again. Okay...Jon Lester? It's not him, either.

If it's not one of the aforementioned Cubs superstars, then who could it be? Well, according to the numbers published at, the team member who's lifting the heaviest paycheck is...Jason Heyward. The Cubs right fielder is bringing home $28,166,666 per season.

Back to Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant. Where do they come in on the list? I was surprised to learn that Rizzo comes in at the #8 spot, with an annual paycheck of $7,285,714. Kris Bryant, the reigning MVP of the National League is 15th overall on the team with a salary of $1,050,000.

Here's the top ten rundown on who makes what:

  1. Jason Heyward- $28,166,666
  2. Jon Lester- $25,000,000
  3. Ben Zobrist- $16,500,000
  4. John Lackey- $16,000,000
  5. Jake Arrieta- $15,637,500
  6. Wade Davis- $10,000,000
  7. Jon Jay- $8,000,000
  8. Anthony Rizzo- $7,285,714
  9. Koji Uehara- $6,000,000
  10. Hector Rondon- $5,800,000

Strangely enough, Addison Russell ($644,000), Javier Baez ($609,000), Willson Contreras ($544,500), and Kyle Schwarber ($519,120) are locked in at well under $1 million per season.

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