The Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light covers the country-music legend’s rise, his volatile relationship with his wife, and his struggles with substance abuse and spina bifida all before his death at 29. Here's an inside secret to this movie. 


According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Tom Hiddleston stars as Williams, and Elizabeth Olsen plays his wife, Audrey. To play the troubled singer, Hiddleston honed his singing and guitar skills with Grammy winner Rodney Crowell, even moving into Crowell’s house outside Nashville to practice all day, every day. Every note, every line, everything is Tom Hiddleston in the movie.

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Instead of aiming for a perfect imitation of Williams’ signature voice, the goal was for Hiddleston to capture the singer’s emotion and authenticity. The director and actor knew that they or anyone would ever sound exactly like Hank Williams.

I Saw the Light will hit theaters on Nov. 27. This is one movie that I may have to schedule in as the big theater.