How strong are the cannabis brownies that you can purchase at marijuana dispensaries in Illinois?

The legalization of marijuana in Illinois has brought some curiosity to people. They want to try the infamous "Pot Brownie" for the very first. Now with dispensaries, they are readily available. How strong are these tasty treats?

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"Chocolate can throw off potency tests so labels aren't always accurate, and now scientists are trying to figure out why. These commercial products are labeled with the amount of high-inducing THC. That helps medical marijuana patients get the desired dose and other consumers attune their buzz. But something about chocolate seems to interfere with potency testing. Chocolate labeled as 10 milligrams of THC could have far more and send someone to the emergency room with hallucinations. The chocolate itself is affecting our ability to measure the cannabinoids within it. The more chocolate in the vial, the less accurate the test results. Some of the THC is clinging to the fat in chocolate, effectively hiding from the test. Exactly what happens in the human body with most of the products is unclear"

If you're going to try a "brownie,' please be careful. Try a little bit at a time. Give it time to kick in. You can always have more later.

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