This past Wednesday the Stateline celebrated Earth Day. This Saturday we have the chance to celebrate Arbor Day. What is the difference you ask? Which day has been around longer? Find out here. 


Earth Day in Rockford this past Wednesday got me thinking about the difference between Earth Day and Arbor Day. Earth Day was the concept of Senator Gaylord Nelson and other environmental activists in 1969 as a way to express concern over the environment.

Arbor Day, the event was introduced by J. Sterling Morton in April 1872 as a way to repopulate his native Nebraska with trees. The holiday began to be celebrated nationwide by 1888, and it was widely practiced for almost 100 years.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media

According to, Arbor Day was intended to be a day for people to plant trees in their locality. The day is traditionally participated by school children, and it was common for parades and ceremonial plantings to take place as well. Earth Day on the other hand, started out as a protest demonstration or march. The holiday has also taken on a more celebratory atmosphere since then.

Regardless, if you can pick up litter, and plant a tree or plant somewhere in your neighborhood, you would have the perfect celebration.

Hug a tree and love our planet. We only have one place to live. Remember, everyday is Earth day!