Valentine's Day is this Saturday. Some can't wait to celebrate it, others could care less about it, and some dread it like the plaque. If you're wondering what February 14 has in store for you this year, just turn to your zodiac sign for all the answers.

My husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. Both of us are happy with a kiss, a heart-shaped pizza, and some beer. The way I see it, if Valentine's Day means running to the grocery store and picking up the last card on the shelf, and grabbing the last wilted bouquet of flowers in the cooler, save your time and money. Guys, last minute gifts like that suck, and the only thing it will score you is a ticket to sleep on the couch.

Ladies, do you agree?

If you are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day, and want to knock it out of the park, turn to your lover's zodiac sign for inspiration. See the complete list here.