I have several must see TV shows, that I just gotta watch every week.

I never thought that what I watch can reveal my political views and leanings. Have you?

According to Entertainment Weekly, what  we watch has a significant bearing on where we stand politically.

For instance, if you like the shows Community, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Modern Family, The Soup and Scandal, there's a strong possibility that you are a Democrat or have Democratic leanings.

If you like the shows on the Hallmark Channel, New Girl, Castle, The Big Bang Theory and The Voice, there's a possibility that you are a Republican or at least lean that way in your voting and views.

Wow! Who would have thought that? Looking at the list for each party, I'm a mixture of both. Hmmm... I guess that makes me a Political Mutt? Haha! Or rather it indicates that I'm gives a Moderate Republican or a Conservative Democrat.Maybe?? Actually, my views and voting stances are based on the person and what they stand for, not what party they are.

Take a look at these lists from Entertainment Weekly and see if it indicates your political tendencies.

Quite interesting. Next election time, I'm going to pay closer attention to the political ads that run around those shows. I want to see which party they are geared toward.




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