Over the weekend, I noticed a number social media posts from friends that describe a visit to Rockord from 'Fast and Furious' star Vin Deisel.

The posts describe an incident where Vin Diesel allegedly stopped in Rockford due an issue with his vehicle he was driving at the time. The article indicated that he had problem with a rental car he was driving as he passed through Rockford and goes on to describe the positive experience he had with some Rockford residents who assisted him.

The article claims that two Rockford residents pulled over to the side of the road in his 'time of need' when his vehicle was 'overheating or something.' Then the article states that the two individuals offered to take him out to Greenfire Restaurant to get something to eat while his car was getting fixed. The positive experience led Diesel to say "I'm gonna move there after I retire."

Sorry, fake news! Not gonna happen, and not true. While I am always looking for some positive news about our city, unfortunately, this story is false. All it takes is a second read the disclaimer on the website.

wbn12.com is a satirical and fantasy website.  None of the articles on wbn12.com should be considered true and are simply works of satire or fantasy meant for entertainment purposes.

People are 'fast" to believe everything they read on the internet, and that makes me 'furious." File this one under fake news.

Oh, by the way, Taylor Swift's bus broke down in front of my house and she stayed in my spare bedroom for the night. (The preceding sentence is FAKE NEWS, too)



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