In honor of Halloween, lets honor one of the more creepy creatures around the Rockford area. 

The Praying Mantis is still alive and kicking today as we are still waiting for a big frost. With the warmer weather, this creepy insect does something that not even a horror movie can top.

According to the story on, the praying mantis takes their prey and kill them alive by eating their head off first.

Before you think that this is a bad thing, the mantis is a help to humans. They eat pests like moths and those annoying wasps. They also can be a hindrance (certain types of mantis) as they also like to snack on bees.

If you have never seen a Praying Mantis before, here is a video of one in Chicago from You Tuber and filmmaker Dan Perez

The Praying Mantis will not harm humans. In fact, they are considered good luck in certain areas.

According to

"The name "praying mantis" is Greek and translates literally into "prophet" or "diviner," so it is not odd that in France, for example, sighting a mantis signifies the return to home of a lost child. In other cultures, a praying mantis points the way to Mecca. Whatever a mantis represents to the world, in the insect realm, it is a determined predator that uses its prayer-like front legs to grab and eat prey alive."

So if you see one of these around, enjoy it and make sure it has a bib if it is hungry.