If you are like me, you will ask a question using Google. It seems like a weird idea, especially when the question is directed to a database. 

According to the real estate website Estately, they used Google's trending topic and Auto-fill feature to find out what residents of each state asked. Here is what folks in Illinois asked:

"What does OPP mean? / Is Trump winning? / What is falafel? / What is pâté? / What is NATO? / Was Jesus real? / Is Bill Cosby guilty? / Is JoJo engaged? / Was Hitler elected? / Why are TSA lines so long? / How to jump a car?"

In Wisconsin, one of the questions was disturbing.

"Who are the Koch brothers? / How to join ISIS? / When is American Idol on? / Is coffee good for you?"

Someone in Texas asked "Where is the internet". The question that i found hilarious was from Florida. "Why does everyone hate Florida?" That maybe a question not even Google can answer.

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