Maybe you're an expert Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of person. You know, the sort of individual that just has the skill to handle any and all projects. The sort of person who snorts when someone says "I Googled how to do ________." Or, maybe you're like me (and millions of others like me) who head straight for the world's foremost authority on everything to help you when you can't make heads or tails of what you're doing.

Seriously, I have searched all sorts of do it yourself topics on Google, and I can tell you quite honestly that those websites and videos with the step-by-step walkthroughs and instructions have saved the day more times than I can count. Admittedly, my searches are fairly routine; things like computer questions, wiring explanations, assembly help, etc.

That doesn't mean that all do it yourself queries to Google are mundane.

Last week I put up a post on this website that dealt with the things that each state Googles more than any other state (click here to check it out). Today, a look at what DIY questions each state asks more than any other.

From, here are the how-to questions most asked by folks right here in Illinois:

How to jump a car? / How to be a superhero? / How to ask someone to prom? / How to sell Beanie Babies?

I'm hoping the person meant "jump start a car," but you never can tell. Let's have a look at our Midwestern neighbors, and what they need DIY advice on:


How to impeach a governor? / How to farm? / How to retire?


How to screenshot? / How to throw a curveball / How to make Jello shots?


How to vote for Trump? / How to tie dye? / How to be popular? / How to be president? / How to Google something? / How to be different? / How to plan a wedding? / How to be free?


How to make elephant ears? / How to make beer? / How to quit drinking? / How to make a bong? / How to be a better person? / How to get unemployment? / How to make Jello?

Missouri (Really? Only one question?):

How to raise chickens?

And, some strange ones from assorted states...

New York:

How to ask for a raise? / How to give yourself a hickey? / How to use Bitcoin? / How to use dry shampoo? / How to use Tinder? / How to live forever? / How to be a boss? / How to be good in bed? / How to stop being a loser? / How to stop being lazy? / How to explain mansplaining? / How to get revenge?


How to bathe a cat? / How to get bigger lips? / How to spell 40? / How to spell 90? / How to get rid of bedbugs? / How to make gak? / How to use bronzer? / How to be romantic? / How to make a pipe bomb? / How to hold a baby? / How to grow a beard fast? / How to be a better wife? / How to be a better husband? / How to be gay? (tie w/ Florida) / How to become a Jedi? / How to be on top? / How to be valedictorian? / How to play clarinet? / How to graduate high school? / How to read minds? / How to sell your soul? / How to clean a gun?


How to play “Stairway to Heaven”? / How to scare someone? / How to destroy a hard drive? / How to iron on patches? / How to play Dungeons and Dragons? / How to use dropbox? / How to use Github? / How to drive stick? / How to rig an election? / How to use hashtags? / How to use Reddit? / How to ruin everything? / How to spot a narcissist? / How to draw a circle? / How to build a time machine? / How to be a good boyfriend? / How to be a badass? / How to be a bartender? / How to be charming? / How to be good at math? / How to teleport? / How to be humble? / How to be invisible? / How to be vegan? / How to be rich? / How to stop global warming? / How to get your life together? / How to be an Uber driver? / How to convert to Islam? / How to join the KKK? / How to Crip Walk? / How to create change? / How to start a revolution? / How to jump rope? / How to troll? / How to get on Wheel of Fortune?

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