From bad holiday gifts to spousal gift giving, to kids on Santa's lap, we hit upon a lot of holiday cheer this week. Let's test your knowledge and see if you knew all of the answers.

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Monday’s Question: Three out of 10 people hide their disappointment with a bad gift by ________(blanking) the person who gave it to them long enough to avoid any awkwardness.

Answer: Hugging them

Winner: Rosey from Rockford

Tuesday’s Question: A new survey says that when it comes to gift giving we do this during the seventh year of marriage?

Answer: Spend the least on our spouse

Winner: Marsha from Cedarville

Wednesday’s Question: 36% of kids have ______’ed while on Santa’s lap this holiday season. What is it?

Answer: Cried!

Thursday’s Question: A new survey of naughty and nice things that we did this year found that 16% of us lied about doing this? (Clue, you lied about this in November)

Answer: Who you voted for

Friday: No Question!

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