From mistletoe, to holiday shopping, to cellphone snootiness, to Santa's reindeer, we covered touched upon a lot of different topics this week. Let's test your knowledge and see if you knew all of the answers.

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Q98.5 AFTERNOON MINDENDER QUESTIONS (week of 12/12/16– 12/16/16)

Monday’s Question: 33% of Adults actually can name all of these popular Christmas helpers

Answer: Santa’s Reindeer

Winner: Ashley from Monroe Center

Tuesday’s Question: According to a new survey, the average man spends more than 3 weeks of his life waiting for his significant other to finish _____?

Answer: Shopping! According the Daily Mail, the average couple goes shopping together two times a month. And women spend 23 minutes browsing, trying on things, and buying stuff while the guy either follows her around or just awkwardly sits somewhere in the store.

Winner: Veronica from Rochelle

Wednesday’s Question: 69% of men say this is the worst thing about the holiday shopping season. (No, it’s not shopping)

Answer; Wrapping gifts

Winner: Amy from Davis Junction

Thursday’s Question:  50% of people have never done THIS during the holidays. What is it? (Think lawsuits, if at work, think HR Violation)

Answer: Kiss under the mistletoe

Winner: Donna from Machesney Park

Friday’s Question: Technology: 50% of people judge others by this

Answer: Their choice of cellphone

Winner: Shawn from Lena

Congratulations to all of our winners!


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