From technology, to toilet seats, we covered it all. Let's have fun and see if you knew all of the answers.

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Q98.5 AFTERNOON MINDENDER QUESTIONS (week of 12/05/16– 12/09/16)

Monday’s Question: When you buy one of THESE, it’s at least 10-years-old.

Answer: A Real Christmas tree

Winner: Tammy from Rockford

Tuesday’s Question: 20% of men don't do this on a daily basis. Hint – It has to do with hygiene.

Answer: Change their underwear


Wednesday’s Question: Doing this in a public bathroom, actually makes it less sanitary?
Answer: Covering the seat with Toilet Paper.

Here's the deal, when you spread all of that toilet paper on the toilet seat, it actually increases the surface area for the germs to multiply and get all over you. Plus, that toilet paper is filthy all by itself because most public toilets don’t have a lid you can close. Whenever someone flushes it, millions of little fecal particles swirl in the air . . . and some of them land on the toilet paper.

Winner: Andrew from Rochelle

Thursday’s Question: Right around December 26th, 43% of people usually regret doing this ?

Answer: How much they spent on Christmas gifts

Friday’s Question: What famous astronaut once said: " As I hurdled through space, the one thought that kept crossing my mind was that every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder"

Answer: John Glenn. (RIP, John Glenn passed away this week at the age of 95)

Winner: Rihannon from Loves Park

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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