Who knew Wisconsin and Boston had so much in common?

Actually, it's really not that much in common at all. But the unique thing they share is definitely crazy enough that we need to talk about it. As the producer of The Steve Shannon Show, I obviously spend a lot of time around the man himself, Steve Shannon.

Being from Wisconsin, Steve definitely talks the Wisconsin talk and walks the Wisconsin walk. Including one word that always makes me laugh because until I worked with him I'd never heard anyone say it before.

When you see this thing, what do you call it?

Photo by Hamid Siddiqi on Unsplash
Photo by Hamid Siddiqi on Unsplash

Personally, I'd say that's a water fountain. Some might say drinking fountain. But people from Wisconsin say neither. What do they call that thing?

A bubbler.

A bubbler? When I first heard Steve say that I was like, I'm sorry, the what?

Apparently, people from Wisconsin refer to it as a bubbler. But they're not alone. Another state calls it that too, but it's not a fellow Midwest state. It actually takes us to the East Coast.


Well, there you have it, folks. So, why is this a thing? The only source I could cite was a random person I've never met on Twitter so I'd take this with a whole salt shaker, not just a grain of salt.

I do know that there is some information about the word Bubbler popping up in Wisconsin on Wiki. But the article didn't say anything about Boston. 

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