Have you ever wondered where slang words and phrases come from? You know, those sayings that seem to pop up out of nowhere and become a part of our everyday language. Take the phrase "getting laid," for example.

It's a phrase that's been around for ages and is widely used, but where did it actually come from? Well, buckle up folks, because we're about to take a trip back in time to the birthplace of "getting laid."

This is NOT the Everleigh sisters. (Getty Images)
This is NOT the Everleigh sisters. (Getty Images)

Ah, the Everleigh Club. The place where getting "Everleighed" meant getting more than just a stiff drink.

Back in 1900, Chicago was a booming city with thriving nightlife, and the Everleigh Club was at the center of it all. Known for its luxurious décor, gorgeous women, and high-end clientele, the Everleigh Club was the place to be for a good time.

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But what made the Everleigh Club truly special was its sisters, Minna and Ada Everleigh. These two savvy businesswomen ran the club with an iron fist, ensuring that their employees and customers were well taken care of.

Are You Following??

Despite its reputation as a house of ill-repute, the Everleigh Club was actually a safe haven for women in an era where their options were limited. The sisters made sure that their employees were treated with respect and provided with a comfortable work environment, complete with health insurance and a retirement plan.

The club was so successful that "getting Everleighed" became shorthand for "getting laid." In fact, it was such a well-known phrase that people would use it in polite company, much to the shock and horror of those around them.

Getty Images
Getty Images
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But the good times couldn't last forever. In 1911, the Everleigh Club was forced to close its doors, a victim of rising moralistic attitudes and increased government regulation.

But the legacy of the Everleigh Club and the sisters who ran it lives on. To this day, "getting Everleighed" is still used to mean getting lucky, and the club remains a symbol of a time when life was a little more decadent and a lot more fun.

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This could be a surefire way to win a free drink the next time you're at your favorite watering hole. The next time you're out with your friends and someone suggests "getting laid," you can impress them with your knowledge of this piece of Chicago history. Just remember this time around, getting Everleighed probably just means getting a drink at a dive bar. But hey, it's the thought that counts.

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