The planning process for Rockford's new downtown library is officially underway, and the Rockford Public Library wants to know what the community wants to see most in their new library.

The goal is to "design a leading-edge public library for the community" according to RPL's website, but what that leading-edge library looks like is up to us.

Do you want a souped-up library with lots of technology where the majority of the resources are online?

Do you want a more-traditional facility with tons of books, papers and magazines to sit and physically enjoy?

Do you want a library that hosts several book clubs, activities, programs and story times for kids and families?

Do you want a library with an equal combination of all of the above?

Those options are just a few of the ones being considered for the new downtown library, but public opinion will play a huge part in the final decision.

The Rockford Public Library will be holding a series of "Community Envisioning Session Dates" in the upcoming weeks, so make plans now to attend one of them and let the planning committee know all your library hopes and dreams.

You can find the list of scheduled session dates and times here, or you can send your ideas via email to

Either way, make your voice heard. It's our library and tax dollars that are paying for it!

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