If there was ever a time to stress the importance of using mosquito repellent, now is the time. West Nile Virus has been discovered in Roscoe.The Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) has announced that they have one positive mosquito pool with West Nile Virus found in the Roscoe area. WCHD's Todd Marshall said

At this time, WNV is presumed to be present throughout Winnebago County, and appropriate precautions should be taken to protect yourself and family members from being bitten by an infected mosquito

At this time, there are no human cases to report, but everyone should exercise proper precaution to defend against West Nile Virus, and for that matter, all insect bites.

Just remember the THREE 'R's

1. REDUCE Exposure: Avoid being outdoors when avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are most active. The worst time to be out is  between sunset and sunrise.

2. REPEL: Spray on insect repellent. Make sure it contains DEET. The WCHD also recommends that you wear shoes and socks and long pants.

3. REPORT: The WCHD asks that you report a dead bird who may have West Nile Virus by calling  815-720-4245

Most importantly, don't contribute to the problem. take some time to look around your backyard. If you have standing water, get rid of it. Mosquitoes can breed easily in:

  • bird baths
  • ponds
  • flower pots
  • wading pools
  • old tires
  • other receptacles

Mosquitoes can breed in a capful of water.

If it seems like we are experiencing West Nile virus earlier than usual, you are right. The WCHD says that this year, since April throughout seven counties in Illinois, there have been six cases of WNV, and 14 positive mosquito pools.

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