We're all about new bars in the 815.

Ok, we're all about any new business in the Rockford area! Yay. That's the best way to represent the fact that it is SO AWESOME that after a pandemic their is small business success locally.

We love all the bars and restaurants that already exist, but there's always room for one more.

This time that's Ernie's Midtown Pub.

Ernie's owner, Andrew Vowles posted the news on Facebook saying:

Remember when I said I had some big news to share? I’m opening a bar/restaurant this fall! If you could give the page a like and invite some friends it would be the best birthday gift I can receive! Follow our Instagram as well @Erniesmidtownpub Thank You for all the well wishes! Cheers!

Cheers is right!

I know Andrew well enough to know he knows his stuff when it comes to bars and restaurants.

I met him the one and only time I was able to go to Kryptonite (RIP) in downtown Rockford. I was on a quasi-date and Andrew was bartending and I asked him to make me some sort of flavored margarita. He made me one was lime green, but not lime... I think it was green apple and I know there's a rough photo of it somewhere.

It was that long ago that my phone was not taking great photos.

Since then I tend to run into Andrew at (no surprise) bars and restaurants!

He's spent years in the industry locally and I can't wait to visit Ernie's in the fall.

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