The year is 2018 and somehow the human race has gotten lazier.  Well, America at least.  If something can be done quicker or easier than why do it any other way? Convenience seems to be the trend in food nowadays.

Pre-cut. Frozen. Avocado. Chunks.  Yeah, you read that right.  Everyone knows avocados are the best thing since sliced bread.  They've taken over the food world and every single millennial has probably consumed their weight in them.  But who has time to cut an avocado, better yet, who has time for 'avocado hand'? No one is the correct answer.

Credit Welch's

Welch's has got your back, check out their prepackaged, frozen avocado chunks here.

With cold and flu season coming up, hot tea is your best friend, but why not have your cold medicine with your tea?  And why not brew it all in less than a minute conveniently in your Keurig?  Well, you can.  Theraflu has K-cups known as "cold pods".

Credit Theraflu via Youtube

And finally, making an ice cream sundae is incredibly tedious.  Who has time to add whip cream AND chocolate sauce?  Hershey's has got your back with their new chocolate flavored whip cream.

Credit Ricky Husey via Youtube

All of these are available in Walmart, Schnucks, Target, and Valli Produce and other grocery stores across the country.