The world is a dangerous place. One website thinks that people in Rockford will be killed by an animal that has big teeth and is strong.

The daily has an article that features what animal will likely kill you in every state. Here in Illinois, it says that we are going to be most likely killed either by being bitten or crushed from a large reptile. The image shows an alligator.


An alligator? Where in the world are you going to find one of those in Northern Illinois? Even in Southern Illinois, home of some dangerous snakes, will you find a large reptile.

Our neighbors in Missouri are also prone to being killed by a large reptile.

Then there are the few states that can't figure out what animal they are mostly going to be killed by. Nevada is one state. Another is North Dakota. Now, South Dakota has an animal, but I guess no animal likes the cold weather to deal with the residents.

I think this whole map is ridiculous. Here are five animals that we are more likely to die from in Rockford than the soon to be mascot of the town the alligator.

Broad-banded copperhead
UIG via Getty Images

1. Snakes

There are four different types of poisonous snakes that you can find in Illinois. Some are as close as Starved Rock

AFP/Getty Images

2. Cow

A cow can run in the middle of the road and you will be toast. Plus, that would be a nasty cleanup for the cow.

Big Brown Bat, Eptescius Fureus
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3. Rabid Bat

I hate bats. A few years ago I killed a bat that was in my house. Luckily the bat was not Rabid.  A rabid bad bite can cause death if not treated.

AFP/Getty Images

4. Mosquito

The West Nile Virus is one of the more prominent diseases that can kill you if you are bitten by a Mosquito. There are others, but a mosquito is for sure one that can do some damage.

Autumn weather Nov 28th 2016
PA Images via Getty Images

5. Deer

This is a no brainer. What roams around Illinois and crosses your path when you're driving? Deer of course. That animal is actually the one that causes the most deaths in the United States. But, according to a website, large reptiles will kill us. I don't think a deer has big teeth.



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