Let me start by saying I am selfishly sad about this. As happy as I am for Chance the Snapper and his new home in Florida, I really wanted to meet him! But I guess I will never get that chance unless I visit him at his new home in Florida at a zoo down there.

Frank Robb is a gator expert from The Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park who ended up finally catching Chance. He decided what would be best is to bring Chance home to Florida. But this isn't just any gator, he's a celebrity at this point, so he got quite the welcoming party from his new home.

Complete with pizza, a sign, and 'Chicago' music, check out just how awesome Chance's welcome party was according to the Zoo's FB page -

They even made Chance their cover photo! He was star in Chicago and nothing has changed since he moved to the sunshine state.

UPI details -

Chance will have to stay in the enclosure for at least 90 days to make sure he's free of disease and won't hurt other alligators before joining the general alligator population.

So like I said, I'm sad i'll never get to meet him, but I'm happy he's thriving with his fellow gators.

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