WIFR's chief meteorologist clearly did not like a weather report covered by a Q98.5 DJ. Is this a "don't shoot the messenger" scenario? You be the judge.

Surely it goes without saying that we're not meteorologists or journalists, but we are to entertain, inform, and report things we think you might want to know about. Like everyone else in every job everywhere - we're not always correct and sometimes we goof up. Was this one of those "oops" moments?

Q98.5's Mark Charvat wrote about NBC in Chicago, which reported/predicted significant snowfall this Wednesday/Thursday, upwards of 7". Mark Henderson from WIFR was none too pleased, which you will see in the video below.

Keep in mind, Mark Charvat elaborated on this only being a possibility, even refuting NBC Chicago's report.

On the other hand, the alternate Global Weather Model indicates substantially less snow is expected due to a lack of cold air.

Rockford: 1.6″

Once more, the longtime Q98.5 host wrote this,

Now keep in mind things can indeed change. The weather system could shift north or south between now and Wednesday night. If the temperature warms or cools, the amounts of snow could go up or down sharply.

With that in mind, and my facts checked, here is local CBS affiliate chief meteorologist Mark Henderson's comment to the shared Facebook post.

Henderson Rant
Q98.5 via Facebook


If that weren't enough to "call out" Q98.5 for being clickbaiters and associated the radio station with "fear mongerers", he decided to further the rant in one of his nightly Facebook forecasts video. (Skip to about the 5 minute mark.)

"Are you happy now?" We're not sad. Like many Rockford TV viewers, I genuinely like Mark Henderson. I've known him for quite awhile and have shared some good memories with him. With that said, I'm going to assume he was either having a bad day or he didn't read the entire article, or both.

I asked Mark Charvat what he thinks about this blizzard of a situation. His response was, "I am willing to crush enough ice cubes to make 7 inches of snow in a small bucket, to prove the Chicago meteorologists correct." A typical Charvat response.

As you can see, there's no ill feelings from anyone at Q98.5 toward one of Rockford's most lovable weatherman. We hope all of our readers and listeners watch Mark's video so he gets a lot more Facebook clicks.

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