As we remember one of the most recognizable voices in Rockford, we decided to share our favorite local TV commercials.

There's no doubt Rockford business owner's have a knack for coming up with funny and memorable advertisements, Al Grace set the bar really high. It's nuts. We were saddened to learn Al died yesterday at 98 and some of the those iconic Rockford tv/radio ads will live on forever. Check out my favorite Al Grace commercial and see which other commercials made my list of favorites.


Here are some other commercials Lil Zim and I talked about this morning. Which do you remember?

So it's not 100% the jingle from the late eighties but if you've lived in Rockford long enough you surely know the phone number for New Milford Refrigeration.

How about this? If need some chedder, there's no place better... than this paw shop.

Apparently there was someone on 97ZOK in the morning before Steve Shannon? Check out this old radio station TV commercial from a really long time ago.

I wasn't alive in the 70's when this Halloween store existed but it's scary enough to give me nightmares today. I love the verbiage, too. "... from motion pictures."

Here's close 2nd place for "Best ads in Rockford." If Lonnie isn't coming up with these the person that is deserves a raise... or new carpet.

This "Window World" ad always gave me a chuckle.

You're still here? Check out this really old Rockford, IL ads from the 1980's. Talk about stylin' and profilin'.

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