There are many ways to support St. Jude kids and help fight the battle of childhood cancer. One really easy way to get your workplace involved is to wear jeans.

Many workplaces have a casual Friday. Why not kick it up a notch and allow your employees to wear jeans with a donation being given to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital?

You can contact St. Jude and receive special stickers that employees can wear once they put a donation (of either an agreed upon amount or an amount of any kind) in the office donation box.

This way you have an ongoing donation all year that will go to a great cause of helping the kids of St. Jude and the researchers to find the cure to end childhood cancer.

In fact, our own sales staff does this every Friday here at the station. Q98.5 really appreciates their efforts in getting behind a cause that is near to our hearts.

Wearing jeans is just one easy way to support St. Jude. Click here to learn about the many ways your office can get involved for a good cause.

Become a Q98.5 Partner In Hope and make a difference. To make an online donation to St. Jude, click here.


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