Most high school students don't expect their Prom night to be filled with snow, but that's what we got in the Stateline over the weekend.

However, this awful Prom story has nothing to do with the weather, but instead about what happened to one girl a few days before Prom.

Friday afternoon one of our sales executives sent me an email about what might be the worst Prom story in the area this year.

I'm getting a pedicure and this poor girl next to me is telling us all the story about how her boyfriends broke up with her four days before Prom at Walmart and then left her there and told her to find a ride! Now she's going alone.'

Going to Prom alone is not the worst thing in the world, it is pretty awful when your boyfriend dumps you LITERALLY dumps you at Walmart days before the dance.

Neither of these girls are the girl from the story, but I imagine they weren't entirely happy with the snow in this photo... though kudos to them for braving the elements in those dresses!


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