Think we've seen the last of Winter in the Stateline after 6 inches of snow fell in the Rockford area today? Think again. Here's what Weather Forecasters are saying. 

According to reports in The DeKalb Chronicle, three to six inches of snow fell across portions of the DeKalb County on Monday, creating slippery conditions. 6 Inches fell in Rockford with portions of Madison Wisconsin receiving 15 inches of show this Monday morning . But Winter may not be completely finished in the Stateline area.

Weather forecasters such as Northern Illinois meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste say there's still more cold temperatures and snow ahead.
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"I don't think this pattern is going to turn around until mid-April," Sebenste said. "Expect a lot of chilly temperatures to come."

The good news is a good portion on f the snow will melt quickly with the rest melting Tuesday into Wednesday. Hang on. There may be another round of light snow Thursday night as a cold front moves into the area.

The slick roads proved troublesome for early commuters in the area. From 6 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., DeKalb County Sheriff's Office responded to 28 cars in ditches, 12 property damage accidents, and eight personal injury accidents, none reported as serious, Chief Deputy Gary Dumdie told The DeKalb Chronicle.

Drive carefully and cheer up. The boys of summer return in two weeks when baseball official begins.