More research is needed, but early results are VERY positive.

I take tacos seriously. I previously wrote about what I thought were the best tacos in Rockford. The taqueria inside the Guanajuato grocery store on Marchesano Drive had, what I considered to be the best in town.

Then I had the tacos from CJ's pub and my opinion has changed.

Available for lunch on Tuesdays and after 5 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, these tacos deserve your attention.

They are available with three different fillings: steak, chorizo, or chicken. I have the chicken taco pictured. While the chicken taco is delicious and probably better than most tacos in town, the steak and chorizo are what you want to order. (I already devoured those before I remembered to take a picture.)

From what I gathered from my waitress, the maker of these tacos is a cook named Javier that was looking to start a taco truck and was using CJs as a test kitchen for his cooking. Well, Javier, you've done well and should be able to sell these wherever you want.

What makes them great? Well, the filling obviously plays a big part. The meats are all very well done but that's not what makes them the best. The accompanying salsa is made in house and is excellent, but that's not even what makes these special.

It's the tortillas.

There was a sweetness and sturdiness to the tortillas that I honestly have never had in a taco before. After asking some questions, I found out that they're all made fresh in house along with the salsa and I couldn't get enough. 6 tacos later and I was spent and infatuated.

Here's the rest of the menu. I'm not entirely sure if everything is available for lunch on Tuesday, or just the tacos, but I'll find out soon.

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Give these a try, you won't be disappointed.

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