According to Winnebago County Animal Services of Winnebago County, here are easy tips to avoid being bitten by dogs.


These dog bite prevention tips are easy and can be applied everyday. Thanks to the Winnebago County Animal Shelter, these are the points to remember daily.

Dog bite prevention tips for pet owners:

  1. Socialize and train your dog, so that it is confident and friendly about the world outside of your home.
  2. Always keep your dog secure on a leash when walking in public.
  3. Never allow your dog to run loose off your property.
  4. Always supervise your dog when it is outside even inside a fenced yard.
  5. Visit your vet once a year for a health check and rabies shot. A sick or injured dog may be more likely to bite.
  6. Make sure your dog has a safe place to be away from company if necessary.
  7. Always supervisor children and babies around dogs.
  8. Don't put your dog in any situation where it doesn't feel safe. A fearful dog may bite.
  9. Spay or neuter your dog. Most dogs that bite are not spayed and neutered.
  10. Bring your dog inside and make it part of the family. A dog chained in a back yard is not a family dog and may be less socialized. A less socialized dog may be more likely to bite.

Dog bite prevention tips for anyone around dogs:

  1. Don't reach over a fence to pet a dog, even a dog you know. A fence could make a dog feel more protective.
  2. Always ask the owner first if you can pet their dog. Not all dogs walked in public are friendly with everyone.
  3. Do not hug a dog that you don't know. Hugging is for people not dogs.
  4. Never run from a stray dog. Walk away slowly or stand completely still.
  5. Always supervise children and dogs.
  6. Teach children to be respectful and not hit a dog or pull on a dog's tail or ears.
  7. Leave a dog alone when its eating, sleeping or playing alone with its toys.
  8. Never stare down a dog. Staring could be consider a challenge to a fight.
Win McNamee, Getty Images