Snake Road in Southern Illinois is widely known for being a safe space for snakes, but the sheer amount of snakes one guy captures on video in a day is incredible to me, watch it here.

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You may remember me talking about when I first found out about Snake Road in Southern Illinois, if you don't I wrote all about Snake Road just click here!

If you don't have time to read the article, basically it says this, Snake Road is a road in Southern Illinois that is closed off to traffic for almost half of the year to create a safe space for thousands and thousands of snakes, and other animals to migrate, without the worry of them being hit by cars.

The video above is a 16-minute long walking journey of Snake Road uploaded on YouTube by the channel LOST IN THE WOODS, the channel is run by a reptile enthusiast who has plenty of other snake videos. What is crazy to me about this video is how many snakes the guy encounters in his walk up and down Snake Road, in the video he shows you 60 different snakes he comes across! I never want to come across ONE snake in a day let alone 60! In parts of the video, there are snakes slithering over a person's feet and all different kinds of snakes as well, I never knew Illinois had such a diverse snake population!

If you don't have time to watch the video just scroll down and look at a couple of pictures I snagged from the snakes and scenery of Illinois' famous Snake Road.

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