If you are like most people who own a home, this is the worst time of the year for you,  property tax time.

67-year old Dan R Aylward is like most of us, he sees his property taxes go up and up every year and decided to make a statement. This year he paid his first installment in $1 bills. A total of $5734.18

According to the Northwest Herald, his annual property taxes this year totalled a whopping $11,468.36.

So when it came to paying his tax bill this year, he decided to make a statement. He gathered $5734 in $1 bills in an large suitcase and went to pay his taxes in person.

In fact, there were so many bills, they were spilling out when he arrived at the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office.

Aylward told the Northwest Herald that his taxes went up close to $1,800.00 in the last five years

I will do this every year until my last breath [Raising property taxes] is wrong, it’s evil, and it’s gotta stop.




McHenry resident pays his property taxes in $1 billsVideo: Watch McHenry, Illinois resident Dan R. Aylward, frustrated over his increasing property tax bill, pay the first installment in dollar bills – all $5,734.18 of it.


Mr Alyward, you are my hero! By the way, he plans to pay the second installment, due on Sept. 13, the same way.

May I suggest pennies next time?



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