As you'll see in the video, one of the women claimed she's entitled to not wear a mask because she's a privileged white woman. The video is quite strange.

McHenry police arrived at Home Depot at 2461 N Richmond Rd. around 5 p.m. Friday (7/3/2020) night and after hearing witness statements, arrested 54-year-old Teri Hill and charged her with battery and disorderly conduct. The alleged victim, Sydney Waters (age 34), was not arrested.

At some point before all the video recording started, Hill approached the alleged victim who was walking with a store employee. During that discussion Hill allegedly took off her mask to complain to the employee that people were in the store not wearing any kind of face covering. The employee said it was out of their hands and, according to Waters, she told Hill to put her mask back on and lead by example. Hill then replied "You’re not going to [expletive] tell me what to do", according to Waters.

Hill then threatens to cough and sneeze on her, Waters said. and that's when when she pulled out her phone camera.

In the video below, shot by Sydney Waters, you'll see Teri Hill attempting to hide behind her phone. You'll also see what she wanted more people around the store to wear, hanging from her pocket. And, how this all turned into to Hill claiming that she's a privileged white woman who believes in white power is almost surreal. How on earth did it get to this point? I'm not surprised that this led to an actual physical altercation, Waters did tell Hill, "if you touch me again I'll knock you out."

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