You need to watch this touching memorial that Representative John Cabello gave at the Illinois House of Respresentatives for Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox.

As our city comes to grips with the loss of one of our own it does my heart good to see that his memory, life's work will not have been in vain but will be remembered forever.

Like ripples from a stone being thrown into a pond, the waves continue to effect each and everyone of us.

Our tomorrows are never guaranteed, but it's what we do today that matters the most.

May God continue to bless and comfort Jaimie Cox family, friends, police family and beyond.

May we learn to do our best everyday, to love others, to help those who need help and may we never forget the sacrifice of Officer Cox and all of our law enforcement who put their lives on the line daily to protect us from evil and to make our tomorrows a better place.




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