With the passing of Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox this past Sunday, practically everybody in local community has been looking for a way to express their support. However, controversy has erupted over a card that school children wanted to make for Officer Cox.

Social media over the past 24 hours has been buzzing about a request made by a parent of a student who attends Ralston Elementary school in Machesney Park.  Parent James Holder sent a message to his daughter's teacher asking if his daughter could make a card with the class for fallen Rockford Police Officer Officer Jaimie Cox. What was upsetting, according to Holder, was the message he received back from his daughter's teacher.

The answer was NO! On Tuesday, Holder sent this message to his daughter's teachers asking if a card could be made in class

Loves Park Neighborhood Watch

Ashlynn's teacher responded, by indicating that due to the sensitive nature of this tragic event, this is for parents to address (the loss of Ofc Cox) at home, as they feel appropriate.

Loves Park Neighborhood Watch

Mr Holder responded:

Loves Park Neighborhood watch

So, what did school administration have to say? On Thursday evening Ralston School Principal Taylor Schmidt responded to the community.

The community is split on whether the school is acting appropriately. Some parents are upset that the school will not allow the children to collectively make a card, while others agree that this situation should remain out of the classroom.

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