Erika Harold is no stranger to titles. As a former Miss America from Illinois she's ready to trade in her crown, upgrade her title and run for Illinois  Attorney General.

According to WGNThe former Miss Illinois and 2003 Miss America winner announced that she is running for the republican seat as Attorney General in Illinois.

As a career attorney, Miss Harold says that the reason for running is "that career politicians have “made it a nightmare for too many families in our state” and Illinois needs a government that “works for them, not the powerful.”

Miss Harold will be running against democrat, Lisa Madigan, who's held that position for 4 terms.

I agree with her and truly believe Illinois' whole governmental system needs an overhaul and she's right the career politicians, both democrat and republican, need to go. Their selfishness and squabbling have done nothing but hurt the citizens in our state.

Fingers crossed that she can do it. I mean she's got the looks, the smarts as an attorney and most definitely the ambition and drive to face her rival. She can hold her own.

If she can compete against 49 other women and win the title and crown, I don't doubt she can make it in this election. If not it's going to be a close one. I believe as the people of Illinois are tired of the same old same old and the next few elections I think are going to show it.

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