Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, just put out the top 10 consumer complaint list for our state.

What do you suppose was the top complaint in 2017?

Are you ready?

Identity theft.

According to  2,511 complaints were filed last year dealing with identity theft. Whether it was through "credit cards, data breaches, utilities, government document fraud."

The big proponent of the identity theft was from the Equifax data breach that affected over 147.9 Million Americans. (WREX)

This is the first time in almost 10 years that identity theft took the top spot. 2007 was the last time it topped the chart.

The number two spot with 2,399 complaints (not to far behind identity theft) was Education. Illinoisans complaints about that deal with "student loan debt, loan counseling, for-profit schools".

Number three goes to Consumer Debt at 2,395 complaints. Consumer debt involves anything from "collection agencies, mortgages, banks."

As Ms. Madigan said in a statement. "This year's Top 10 list confirms that contending with financial challenges such as identity theft, student loans and other personal debt are the major issues confronting Illinois residents."

Honestly, in my opinion, Illinois complaint is the lack of money and the taxation of it's citizens. Those top filed complaints have their merit too.

To see the complete list of complaints filed in Illinois for 2017, click here.





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