Brothers Osborne may be spending most of their time on the road with Dierks Bentley and Lanco this summer, but the country duo made a special stop home in Nashville recently for a surprise they've long been planning for their mom, Trish. Brothers and duo members John and TJ Osborne bought their mom a house in Nashville, fulfilling a longtime dream of hers (and theirs) for her to be closer to Music City and to her sons.

"Our sweet, strong mother is one of the reasons we are who we are," the duo explained on Twitter. "Sacrificed so much for us growing up ... She deserves a mansion in the hills, but we bought her humble home close to us in Nashville. Welcome home mom!"

To complete the surprise, the duo brought their mom to her new home in Nashville, bringing a television crew and reporter from CMT along to complete the ruse that Trish was there simply to give an interview on what the country musicians were like growing up. She clearly had no idea the surprise was coming.

"Where are you, mom?" John asks at one point during the interview, as he and TJ sit on a couch beside Trish. "CMT, doing an interview," she answers, puzzled.

"Do you whose house we're at right now?" TJ chimes in, taking a different tactic. Trish shakes her head no. "It's your house," the brothers reply simultaneously, as John pulls out the key and hands it over to his mom.

Aside from her two sons, Trish's three other children were there for the big reveal, and as she toured her new home, there were plenty of hugs -- and happy tears -- to go around.

John and TJ Osborne have said that they grew up in a musical household, and that it was these formative experiences that helped them decide to move to Nashville and pursue it as a career. "Our parents played music and wrote songs, and our uncles and cousins played music," TJ said in 2014. "When we were really young, it was like second nature...Naturally, John and I wanted to participate and play with the family because it was fun. And that was where we cut our teeth. We just wanted to sit in with our dad and cousins and play songs."

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