Some people don't understand that what they see on TV isn't real. That's especially true for an Illinois dog who was convinced the dog he was seeing on TV was in the room with him.

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This new video share comes from Elk Grove Village, Illinois. It involves a dog named Jaxson who is watching TV with his owners. The problem is that Jaxson sees another dog on TV which convinces him that he may have a new playmate in the room. Here's what his owners said:

This was in the beginning of the pandemic when a lot of our news anchors worked from home. We were watching the news and the anchors dog was in the shot. My dog Jaxson saw the dog on screen who walked out of frame, and Jax thought that the dog would be behind our tv.

The dog wanting to play struggle is real.

Let's face it. The world has changed since the pandemic started. TV anchors working from home with their pets not knowing they're now video stars. Can't blame Jaxson for thinking the new dog in his life was hiding somewhere behind the TV.

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