It isn't surprising to spot a celebrity in Illinois, especially in Chicago. If you're in downtown Chicago or any number of downtown areas in Illinois spotting someone famous might happen more often than you think. There's a good chance you've passed by a celebrity while walking or driving and you didn't even realize it.

Where should you look for famous people in Illinois?

With Chicago having multiple professional sports teams, keep your eyes open for a famous face the next time you're at a Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, or White Sox game. I've seen more celebrities, up close and afar, at a Chicago sporting event than I have anywhere else. Whether they are participating in opening ceremonies or being a fan in the stands, they're at the games.

Another familiar face is one you might see at any sporting event in Chicago. He's very vocal about his love for all Chicago teams but the place he frequents the most appears to be Wrigley Field. You might recall the repeated camera shots of actor John Cusack at Chicago Cubs games during their World Series run.

One recognizable face I've seen in Chicago more than once has happened at both Wrigley Field and Tinley Park. He's also a Chicago Blackhawks fan too, big time. The two times I've seen Phil Brooks, also known as CM Punk, at Wrigley Field he sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game and another was in the concourse.

Speaking of professional wrestling, someone spotted a panhandler in Chicago who resembles someone you might remember from your childhood even if you're not a wrestling fan.

Professional wrestling hasn't been easy for some legends, financially speaking, but certainly, the Hulkster wouldn't need to be asking for change, right?

@theginjaninj1991 via TikTok
@theginjaninj1991 via TikTok

If Hulk Hogan dropped 100 lbs the resemblance would be uncanny. What makes this even better is the music the faux-Hogan spotter added to the video on TikTok.

@theginjaninja1991 What you gonna do brother, when the hulkster runs wild for a dollar. #wwe #wrestling #justajoke #hulk #hulkhogan #american #realamerican ♬ Real American - Rick Derringer

That caption is the best, too.

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