Walmart may employ over 1.5 million people in America, but they are lacking when it comes to their number of high-school age employees and this is something they are hoping to change in the very near future.

According to WGN TV;

Walmart is struggling to find talent in a tight jobs market. So the retailer is reaching out to high school students with a new pitch: Come work at Walmart and we’ll cover your SAT prep and college tuition.

Walmart announced Tuesday that it will expand its $1 a day college benefit to its current high school students and future high schoolers who work at the company.

It will also offer up to seven hours of free college credit to high school students and provide free SAT and ACT prep through a partner network. Then Walmart will subsidize the cost of students’ tuition, books and fees at six non-profit colleges

Walmart is also promising "flexible scheduling and the option of working steady shifts" to interested high school students, because the company has said scheduling issues held back their teenage recruitment in the past.

Some people are criticizing this move by Walmart saying $1 a day towards college tuition is basically nothing, but the way I see it, every little bit helps!

To fill out a Walmart application online now  go to

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