Walmart is taking care of their employees who are working Thanksgiving Day with food and store discounts.

First off, kudos to Walmart for not hiring seasonal help so that their current employees have the first right to working holiday hours should they choose to. This is becoming an annual business move after a positive response from employees and customers over the past few years. Walmart, this year, is stepping up even more for the employees who work on Thanksgiving.

Walmart will be providing actual Thanksgiving meals for staff on a store-by-store basis, with regionally specific dishes to enjoy. The suit and ties have also sweetened the pot with additional employee discounts.

Walmart employees who work from November 27 to November 30 get 15% off a variety of products on top of their usual 10% employee discount.

It looks like Walmart might be winning with national retail holiday employee perks, beating out Target's "What Would A Bad*** Do" social media campaign.

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