To clarify, this brunch spot does not infuse marijuana into their brunch specials.  Though, they do aim 'high' to serve customers an exceptional experience!

If you're really looking for a space to eat scrumptious food, immerse yourself in a fun environment, have opportunities for Insta photos, and try delicious drinks before noon, Wake-N-Bacon is the place to be!


Serving delicious brunch with American, Asian, and Latin flavors paired with a sassy cocktail

First off, I just know from the start this brunch spot is 100% where I wanna be taking photos for my Instagram feed.  Soooo many people would be jealous if they saw I was here, it's gorgeous!

If you can see over on the right, you can put your Polaroid pictures on the wall to document your trip to their restaurant. Superrrrr cute!

Dine-in and you'll get the opportunity to sit outside on these very unique patio swings.  I'm already booking my reservation, this is such a fun way to entice new customers to make a stop at their brunch spot!

Now for the food.. just take a look at this thing.  Wake-N-Bacon has a Turtle Waffle that I hope is for one person because I AIN'T sharing.

This is exactly what I think of when I ask for a waffle loaded with extra whipped cream and syrup.  They understood the assignment!

The photo itself makes my taste buds flare up.  They offer a purple pancake and I'm totally here for it, add bacon and eggs and you got me sold!  It's actually called an 'Ube Flap Jack Stack' - I know, a tongue twister!

Maybe you're more of a burger lover, they gotcha covered! The Wake-N-Bacon burger won't disappoint.  It has pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, chipotle mayo & bacon chili jam on a brioche bun. YUM! & it's served with tater tots.

The drinks here look amazing, too!  I can't imagine what this Purple Haze tastes like, but it looks freakin' good.  I'll take 2 please!  I'll let you check out the rest of their items on their Instagram page.

While you're at Wake-N-Bacon, you might just end up trying the entire menu.  I guarantee it has been done before based on all the drooling I've been doing just looking at the photos of their food.

Follow Wake-N-Bacon on Facebook and Instagram for more info!  Ironically, they're located at 420 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.  Take lots of photos & eat good!


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