Remember hanging out with your friends? Remember going to brunch? It seems forever since we've been able to meet our besties for some breakfast. But like most things nowadays, you can always brunch virtually! It might not be as fun as in person, but what if you got paid to host not one, not two, but THREE virtual brunches?

Well, you can. Tech website is hosting a dream job competition, paying the winner $1,000 to stay at home and host three virtual brunches with their closest friends. You'll also get a $300 Grubhub gift card to cover the cost of the brunches for their friends.

So what do you have to do exactly? According to Insider -

All the winner has to do is share their experience of three different video call apps, including: Houseparty, Bunch, Airtime, Squad, and Rave.

To apply you just have to write a little about why you and your friends would be the perfect virtual brunchers.

You can apply here.

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