The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, and that means it's time to get your backyard ready for some games and grilling.

One of my favorite party games is one that doesn't involve any drinking, or much physical activity. But I also realized I've been calling this game by the wrong name for my entire life. So here's the game -


I have ALWAYS called this game "Bags". That's what all my friends called it! It wasn't until I went to college down in Champaign at University of Illinois when I realized I was wrong. Everyone at U of I referred to the game as cornhole. And I was like "HUH?" My mind was blown. I still don't think "Bags" is completely wrong, but I do think that cornhole is the official name for the game.

Either way, how would you like to get paid to play it? Well now you can.

Online retailer MyTruGreenLawn is seeking a candidate to be paid $1,000 to play cornhole on five separate days and complete a worksheet about each experience. Do these qualities describe you?

  • Enthusiasm for cornhole.
  • Strong sense of play.
  • Enjoys being outdoors.
  • Can safely socially distance while playing.
  • 18 or older & a United States Citizen

Those are the qualifications and the best part is you get $1,000 for the gig!

Sound like a job you'd be good at? You have until April 2nd to apply. You can read all of the details and apply for the job HERE.


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