I know plenty of people who have gone through an emo phase back in high school.  For some it was never a phase, it's a lifestyle.

Let's remember what the emo kids in your class used to look like every day.  If it wasn't one of these looks then they weren't emo.


The side part was always really far over like a combover, their eyeliner was extremely heavy, they drew a lot on their hands with pen, and most of the time they dyed their hair different colors each week.  Am I wrong?

Their starter pack probably went a little something like this:


Anyway, if you're reading this and just thinking, "Man, I wanna relive those days.  The good ol' days..." then keep reading!

This page called Bucketlisters.com basically updates DAILY about anything and everything happening in big cities near you.  Chicago happens to be on the list!

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They revealed a new event coming up called 'Emo Brunch' where they're kicking it back to a time where all that mattered was "Pierce The Veil" or when "Panic! At The Disco" would be dropping their next album.

They haven't disclosed the location of the event yet, but all we know is:

- General Admission: $40(includes main entree and welcome beverage)

- Starting in April on Saturdays and Sundays

- 90 minute sessions starting at 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM

They'll have an emo-inspired menu of delicious food you can choose from:

- Fall Out Boy Burger

- Taking Back Sundaes

- Hashbrown Confessional

- Pancakes! At The Disco

- Jimmy Eat French Toast

And emo-inspired drinks to wash down your emotions: 

Drink 182, Coffee & Cambria, Paramore Mimosa

Join the waiting list here while you're Taking Back Sunday.  Maybe you'll fall in love with an emo girl while you're at brunch! The odds are in your favor!

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