What's your favorite family sitcom? Modern Family? Full House? I bet it's not Illinois' most popular. 

What was the last sitcom you sat down to watch? What about a 'family' sitcom? What does that even mean really?

Century Link Quote decided this is something we needed to research, so they took a ton of internet searches and combined them to make a map of 'The Most Searched Family Sitcom by State'

They started their research by finding out which TV families Americans wanted to be a part of... The Belchers from Bob's Burgers taking the top spot on that list, followed by The Goldbergs and The Johnsons from Black-ish.

Then they broke it down by state, which is where Illinois becomes part of the story.

Century Link Quote
Century Link Quote

We actually fell into the most popular category by searching The Simpsons the most along with 14 other states.

The Simpsons Live Homer Episode

Next popular, That 70's Show, which our Northern Friends in Wisconsin also searched the most.

Will Smith
Carlos Alvarez, Getty Images

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came in next with The Goldbergs, Schitt's Creek and Malcolm in the Middle following behind.

Frankie Muniz
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Of all the shows that are a part of this map, I'm kind of surprised that Modern Family it only 'most popular' in one state, New Mexico.

My question is... do you consider a family sitcom one that is focused around a family? Or one that you would watch with your family? Or both?

Also... where is Full House??? Step By Step??? GROWING PAINS??? So many questions!

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images
Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

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