Talk about lending a helping hand. 20 volunteers from 200 miles away showed up in Fairdale yesterday to build a home for a tornado victim and his wife.


Wow! That is so cool. These volunteers braved the chilly and raining weather yesterday to build a home for this family so that they can be living in and literally be home for Christmas.

That gives me the goosebumps and puts a huge smile on my face to see the care and concern of this group of volunteers from "One Family, One Purpose".

It's hard to believe it's been 8 months since that dreadful April 9th night.  Driving down Route 72 through Fairdale is so surreal.  On Thanksgiving when I drove to Algonquin for our family meal I commented to my Dad that Fairdale looks as if it is a new subdivision being built instead of the old town it used to be. However, thanks to groups like One Family, One Purpose, signs of life are stirring and being reborn in the town.

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