It is Fall in Illinois which means it is construction season in Illinois and construction season in Illinois is like one of those reality shows that happens twice a year.

It seems like it's always happening.

Traffic Barrels With Shallow Depth of Field
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There seems to be a major troublesome spot for drivers near the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Perryville Road in Rockford, Illinois.

Credit: Google Street View
Google Street View

I witnessed the aftermath of a woman getting her SUV stuck in an unfortunate place, deep inside a hole in a marked construction zone. I thought, "Ugh, that has to suck and be super embarrassing."

Worker cuts a piece of bad asphalt with a gasoline cutter during road construction.
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I also wondered how often things like that happen. Apparently, it's more than you might think.

This very scenario happened to two more people at the exact same spot.


Two things are evident in the photo above, the driver and his vehicle are both having a bad day. But, this particular driver is not alone, there was another.

How does this happen? It's literally in the exact same area as the photo above as well as where I saw a woman get her vehicle stuck.


Yeah, not even kidding.

Here's a video of a third one the exact same day and the two above.

Seriously, what is going on? Is this intersection poorly marked? Would it be crazy to think the circumstances as to how these vehicles hit the holes are all the same?

I don't want to accuse anyone of distracted driving because the answer isn't evident but there must be a reason. Who is to blame here?

One thing is certain, pay extra close attention in all construction zones.

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